Read from our CEO: Maryam Ghodousi

Read from our very own Chief Executive Officer,
Maryam Ghodousi.

“How do I know if I’ve made the best moves for my tax efficiency and finances?
How much information am I not aware of?
Does my Accounting Firm go above and beyond for my individual needs?
Will you be able to meet my needs when I’ve financially matured?”

Whether you consciously think of these questions or not, the answer to these questions populates the difference between financially successful clientele and not-so financially successful clientele. You see, in the complex business world where sales pitching, promotions, and “value-added” B2B or B2C approaches have become popular, authenticity, individuality, and genuine business practices have quickly become forgotten. This leads to an autonomous relationship whereby loyalty and integrity refrain from being a priority:

1. Heavily discounted prices for services rendered (or free in some cases).
2. Massively over-priced charges for services rendered.

The problem with these models is that they come with highly promised results, but in the end turn out serving only one entity; the firm that is invoicing you. For the heavily discounted service is designed to maximize clientele, at the expense of diligent, honest, and unencrypted work. Moreover, the massively over-priced entity is so focused on its commercial success, that they sacrifice your valuable time. How does this impact you directly? The inability to scale your maximum business or financial potential.

1. Serve you.
2. Solve your problems.
3. Scale your business efficiently.

The three “S’s” my team uses in their strategies with our clients.

When you’re in business with AccNet Accounting Services Vancouver, we help you pinpoint:

1. Why you’re in business.
2. What your financial objectives are.
3. How you’re going to achieve these financial objectives.
4. What you’re presently doing to serve the industry/market place where your clients are.
5. What networks you need to partner with to scale your business.

If it’s not simple to understand, you likely won’t take the necessary action to scale your business efficiently. I promise that you will enjoy being in business with us. We have a way of making financial challenges social, enjoyable, and understandable. The pillars that help our clients succeed. We help you innovate a crisp business mindset surrounding your current financials, and potential scalability. Most important of all, how well you do is the only metric we use to allow further growth of our business partnership.

The most financially successful people and businesses are explicitly careful about whom they choose to partner up with when it comes to their Accounting and Financial expertise. There is a reason we have 95% client retention at AccNet Accounting Services Vancouver. I instill my team to pride themselves only when they’ve served your company to its fullest potential. Consequently, walking alongside you in a partnership to make you and your business respected and trusted by the CRA, the banks, and potential investors. Your success is our passion, our purpose, and the reason we continue to innovate the way we go about serving our clients.

I originally started AccNet Accounting Services Vancouver to solve one problem. Making my clients fall in love with the art of growing their financial freedom. To me, I believe it is your right to have access to the information on how to become financially successful with integrity. The action-knowledge gap however I leave to you. Once you are knowledgeable, I empower you to transform your life and the life of those around you by implementing the practices that allow you to enjoy financial fluidity. That’s it. In over a decade my team and I have helped countless businesses and employees transform, grow, and evolve into some of the most sought-after entities in their particular industries. We have been in partnership with companies that used our services in their infancy, only to find themselves going public years later. We’ve also been in collaboration with small businesses that have become so successful that they expanded into international markets. That’s the beauty of a company that calls itself an Accounting Network. At AccNet we have a vast relationship with well known designated firms around the country. Once our clientele reaches the maturity of designated work, we provide solutions to them by connecting their business to the best, designated firms specialized in the niche sectors that we don’t serve. It is why I call it a partnership in your financial freedom. We are here with you every step of the way, and hand you off to the best of the best when your needs require it. Funny enough these clients evolve into some of the best relationships in our business and add to our network where many of our clientele get connected with one and another and form partnerships in growing their ventures!

Unlike most Accounting Firms, we don’t affix a “formula” for success. We attach to establishing a mature network of varying industries, allowing our clientele access to fantastic financial taxation advice, networking, and economic growth. This network is sophisticated and has been years in the making. I am very proud of that authenticity. Each person and business owner are particular and unique for their reasons. We get to know you extremely well. With your identity and vision at our forefront, we work with you on a platform to maximize your particular financial, taxation, and networking solutions.

I am confident our approach is unlike any other Accounting Firm. Because what works best for you is likely the avenue you turn to on your path towards financial success. We will walk with you every step of the way to help you get there efficiently.

If this approach sounds like it interests you, reach out today for a consultation to see how we can make you one of the most valuable businesses in your industry. Taxation has never been this enjoyable. Maryam Ghodousi, the CEO OF AccNet Accounting Services Vancouver promise you this!

Maryam Ghodousi
Chief Executive Officer
AccNet Accounting Network Inc.


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